Prague Brothels Exposed!

Prague red light district is no place to cut your teeth. I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s difficult to find quality services here lately. And there is some truth to that – let me explain. Taxi drivers and hotel doormen only lead you to well-trodden big name brothels, where aged women overcharge you & many times even leave you unsatisfied. But there is another side to the Czech working girls scene, as locals all know.

prague working girl

I first became fascinated with the whole topic a few years back when I was about to embark on an extended trip to the famed Czech capital and had just watched a television documentary that really got me excited. During the video, the narrators talked about Prague working girls costing as little as $20, and showed footage of absolutely stunning Czech girls working the streets. By the time my plane landed in Prague, I thought I was prepared for what to expect. Turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Tourist Trap Dangers

I wish I could tell you that my first adventure was a night of bliss to never forget! But being new in town is never easy. Every brothel you see, you don’t know if it’s a tourist trap or a gold mine. Unfortunately, the only brothels I visited my first time were beyond poor establishments; they were shams. In fact, I spent so much money on such shoddy women that I’m actually embarrassed to tell you all the details. Let’s just say that they were the most expensive & unfulfilling nights out I’ve had anywhere in the world, including Paris. I still didn’t know where that documentary was filmed, but I knew one thing for sure. It wasn’t the places I was stumbling into.

A few months later I got another shot at the Prague red light scene. My second experience turned out a little better, thanks to the help of a local colleague. Still though, the women I was coming across looked nothing like the rampant sexy young vixens in Prague, and I knew there was a better scene to be found. And that’s when I caught my big break.

Best Prague Brothels & Red Light District B

After getting some advice from a trusted colleague, I quickly learned to avoid the Wenceslas Square area for the best action. While this was contrary to what I’d read online, I gave his advice a shot and am I ever glad I did!

prague red light district

I must admit, I thought he had lost it when Tom led me away from the tourist area. Nowhere near the famed Wenceslas or Old Town squares, I kept asking if we were on the right path. Little did I know what I was in for! The brothel Tom took me to looked nothing like a brothel. No red lights, no signs, nothing. In fact, anyone walking by it would easily mistake it for an apartment building. But I quickly discovered that inside this unremarkable building were the delights I had been searching for. The stunning girls lined up were all eager to serve us, each one having a near-perfect body and many with faces to match. It looked more like a lingerie modeling show than a brothel! I was actually speechless, I couldn’t believe my eyes. After some quick negotiations from Tom, I basked in delights fit for a king that night. It’s so true what they say about the company you keep!

I eventually discovered that it’s quite common to find Ukrainian and Russian girls offering their tight bodies for just a few dollars in these insider brothels, Asian kittens too. There is something for every guy in these pleasure dens. . . whether you crave a teen Czech plaything or even group action, girls here are eager to serve you and have absolutely no limits. After a few nights out with Tom, I was actually considering moving there. It was that good!

Czech Brothels Finally Revealed!

I’ve heard some horror stories though, too. And not from a guide book or news article. . .a lot closer to home. Two friends of mine – actually had just met them in the hotel, a couple Swedish tourists. Their first night, they simply fell into one of the traps on Wenceslas Square like I had. Very familiar story by this point – paid way too much, received way too little, and dealt with rude and pushy people the entire night. Not my idea of pleasure, and theirs neither. Anyway, their second night out ended more tragically as one was attacked on the street while waiting for his partner to finish his business inside. By the description he gave, it sounded like the typical “gypsie” attack, as there were more than one of them and their description fit the same scoundrels I’d read about. There’s more than just pickpockets to worry about in Prague, I’ve learned that first hand. Sadly, the Swede had to spend a night in the hospital that night before they both flew home the next day. One of the worst vacation stories I’ve ever heard!

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I definitely don’t consider myself a Prague brothel expert, by any means. But I have seen & done enough in the Czech city to know certain things to avoid. These days, I never would go to a tourist brothel. They are bad, no exceptions. In fact, if I see a brothel advertised on a limo in Prague – especially near the center, I add that brothel to my “avoid” list! Those monstrosity cathouses don’t make that much money from offering hot girls for low prices! The average working woman in many of those is over 30 years old, and many are overweight and disgusting.

Czech Hotel Girls

If you’re in charge of organizing a stag do, or want to just get out and do some mongering in Prague, I have one very important suggestion: Do your homework beforehand. If you leave things to chance like most tourists, you’ll be sorely disappointed – especially if your time in Prague is limited. The learning curve takes a few nights out at least (unless you have a savvy local with you!), and during those outings you’ll fare no better than you would in Amsterdam or Brussels – in fact most likely worse. The central district of Prague is expensive, whether its food, lodging, or services. And not only that, it seems like every trickster and street thug congregates in this area each night. Even if you’re street smart, you’ll be pestered and annoyed to death by these hucksters! Whatever you do, don’t ask taxi drivers for advice! haha I learned quickly that each one is on a payroll from somewhere. Actually more likely a small stipend per man he brings in, but anyway it clouds their judgment without exception. I’m convinced that the first English that Prague taxi drivers learn is always either “Go here – nice ladies” or else “I know place. I take you!”. Take it from me, when you hear these phrases it’s time to run, not walk, away!

Prague can be extremely rewarding for mongerers, as I’ve come to learn in subsequent trips. Based on my first few nights, though, I can understand how Prague got it’s bad reputation among sex tourists, and many choose to skip it altogether. Don’t give up on it just yet though. As they say in Praha, “Nevzdavej to!”.

Jason Hindsley is an independent travel writer.