FINALLY, some FACTS about Prague Red Light District.

Have you been overcharged by one of the big brothels in Prague?

Do African guys harass you, trying to coax you into a tourist trap?

Do you hate wasting hours online painfully sorting through ads & message forums?

Do you realize the dangers of trusting Prague taxi drivers?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone – believe me. My name is Tom Showalter, and I get it. Prague is unique in Europe, for both good and bad reasons. Perhaps no place else can you find such world-class delights tucked in behind such despicable tourist traps and scam shops. And believe me, what you will soon discover will revolutionize your Prague experience.

Knowledge is Power in Prague!

For local players and well-connected travelers, Prague is the ultimate playground of titillating adventures with girls of your fantasy. And while newcomers often fall into the “assembly line” tourist brothels for overpriced quickies, the seasoned veterans here enjoy uninhibited nights in their hotel room or apartments of local college girls. Rookie pleasure searchers face re-negotiations even after over-paying, while savvy locals satisfy their every craving for $50 or even less. You can see how Knowledge is Power in Prague!

prague brothels guide

For years now, I’ve been ravaging working girls, sacking brothels, and raiding Prague’s ultimate massage parlours. I’ve even cataloged these adventures and combined my own extensive experiences with other experienced travelers to create a revolutionary pleasure guide for Prague.

Breakthrough Formula

Here’s how the “ebook” version of Prague Red Light Guide works. First of all you’ll download the current pdf guide onto your smartphone or computer (takes about 2 minutes). Then you will open it and immediately discover the most current and powerful insider tips on Prague’s ultimate brothels and parlours. Which brothels to avoid! Which girls host men in their apartments? What do they charge? Their language skills, and plenty of more “personal” notes. Finally! Imagine now being in control of YOUR Prague experience – no longer feeling at the mercy of tourist trap brothels and greedy doormen!

What The Brothel Owners DONT Want You To Know!

You will be thankful for all of this insider advice when you’re walking Prague’s streets. Or when you are looking for action in your hotel room or leading a group of friends around. Use it within 2 minutes of right now to create your own instant adventure, or even when you return to Prague – updates keep you an insider! Begin your adventures now with a full year of access for only €45.99 Limited Time Offer! €19. MOST importantly, knowledge is power in Prague and in just 60 seconds you will discover these insider secrets for yourself! Set fire to your Prague adventure – click below if you are ready now.

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PS. Remember to put the guide into your smartphone right away. FACT: Without this guide with you when you NEED it, you will be just another stumbling Prague tourist!

Updated August 2018!

Attention Locals! If you prefer you can pick up the Guide from me personally at Betlemske Namesti 3/254, between the hours of 9:00 to 4:30 Monday to Friday.