The red light district in Prague is not only a big part of history and culture, it also happens to be one of Prague’s biggest attractions. From Prague red light brothels to the back alley massage parlours and brothels, prostitution in the Czech capital is alive and well! Dangers do exist on Prague’s streets at night, with more tourists victimized than ever before. Before visiting a brothel in Prague or exploring the red light areas, newcomers are well advised to research beforehand. Not only will you discover much more attractive women and lower prices than tourists enjoy, you’ll stay safe in Prague. Any man lucky enough to visit Czech Republic will quickly discover the gorgeous working women in the area.

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  1. thinking of going to Prague but don’t want to pay extortionate tourist prices for the middleaged women they have in the tourist squares. can anyone help point me towards a place like quoted on this site. somewhere of the beaten track where you will not be disapointed.

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